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- Read Reunite from the story Save me (shikatema fanfic) by az38389 (TEMARI NARA) with 3,092 reads. Part 2 Shikamaru and Temari. 0:14. Shikamaru run very. . She should be in suna instead doing the same thing as nara. Dans l'omake de fin de l'épisode 75 de Naruto Shippuden, Shikamaru explique à Asuma que la série va changer de nom pour finalement s'appeler Shikamaru Shippuden Seeing Temari. They balance each other out. He is a chūnin-level shinobi of Konohagakure's Nara clan and a member of. She’d hung back today - on purpose - waiting for her opening. 2K ആളുകൾ ഇത് കണ്ടു. There might also be prendas de vestir exteriores, overclothes, prendas de abrigo, ropa de abrigo, manchó, bien vestido persona, juego, juego de pantalones, traje pantalón, persona bien vestida, traje, pantalones traje, pantsuit, pantalones de traje, and pantalones largos. Final, Sasuke vs. I’d actually put my money on Temari. The responsibilities that these successes leave him with cause him frequent annoyance, but he gladly accepts them so that he may be of service to his fellow members of Team 10, and to prove himself. ! No, it was not when he asked her out or when she saved him all those years ago – it all started in the in-between of their days spent together. Shikamaru y shikaday. Shikamaru temari

All who are fans of this pairing are welcome to join! Who. 1:32. --Dubtiger 14:33, 8 October (UTC) When does Temari say that? Naruto, Naruto Shippūden and Boruto are owned Shueisha, Shonen Jump magazine and TV Tokyo. Shikamaru and temari pics are great to personalize your world, share with friends and have fun. Shikamaru, onun dövüş şeklini yakından seyretme şansı bulduğu için, Temari’nin kendi annesinden daha korkunç olduğunu belirtmiştir. See more ideas about naruto, naruto i hinata, gaara. MOST POPULAR. Temari stared into his eyes as Shikamaru lowered his mouth to hers once again. Fa parte del team di Asuma Sarutobi insieme a Ino e Choji. Neji, Naruto wins. · 1 Shikamaru And Temari Find A Way To Be Together One thing that doesn't get a lot of attention in the anime, but does in the light novels, is that Temari and Shikamaru are from two very different villages. By the end of Shippuden, her highest stats are ninjutsu and intelligence which both stand at an impressive four. · It was dark by the time Temari took to the steps of Shikamaru’s dorm building. · They get to the gate and Shikamaru asks Temari to confirm that the next time they meet each other will be at the Chuunin Exams. Nara Shikamaru (1143) Temari (Naruto) (971) Uzumaki Naruto (637) Haruno Sakura (566) Yamanaka Ino (554) Gaara (Naruto) (518) Uchiha Sasuke (494) Hyuuga Hinata (432) Hatake Kakashi (397) Kankurou (Naruto) (391) Include Relationships Nara Shikamaru/Temari (1382) Hyuuga Hinata/Uzumaki Naruto (331) Sai/Yamanaka Ino (302). Shikamaru temari

· Temari and Shikamaru have been questioned by many how did it all start. La muerte de Asuma y venganza. Shikamaru Nara is a major supporting character of the Naruto series. Temari llega para ayudar a Shikamaru en su pelea con Tayuya, cuando él estaba por rendirse. Gaara, unfinished. Ella le pide a Shikamaru la información sobre su adversario, luego de explicar las habilidades de Tayuya, Shikamaru opina que deberían retroceder para pensar una estrategia, a lo que ella se muestra poco interesada. Browse more videos. Shikamaru then forces Temari to retreat make to some lengths using his make-shift balloon composed of his jacket to give himself an extra shadow. · So it's the final round of the Chunin exams. O. That's just it. - shikamaru shikamarunara narashikamaru temari temarinara naratemari shikatema. Facebook gives people the. Series. Je viens de terminer ce flipagram et j étais tellementimpatient de vous le montrer que j ai fini par publier😭J espère que tout coeur au il vous plaira,. In the actual anime, there was no Shikamaru or Temari in this spot. She handed him a cloth and told to apply some pressure on his thigh while fixing the wound on his back. She started hissing his neck all the way down his stomach until she reached the top of his pants. Playing next. Shikamaru temari

Sasuke'nin Kurtarılması. · Temari hated Shikamaru's lax attitude, which led to them almost fighting when Konoha and Sunagakure were at odds. 1st round, Naruto vs. 46K Views. He knew she had been waiting for him, and that this was what they both wanted. ღ Shikamaru Nara ღ. Though lazy by nature, Shikamaru has a rare intellect that consistently allows him to prevail in combat. Welcome to the Fuck Yeah: Shikamaru x Temari Fanclub! 20 nov. Temari ist wütend und greift Shikamaru mit Ninpō. Just come on in. · Amongst the Naruto fandom, Temari is best known for two things: being a member of the Sand Village Siblings and having a relationship with Shikamaru Nara. Gaara goes into a demon form, and Orochimaru attacks the 3rd Hokage. 8 years ago. This shikamaru X temari foto contains hip boot and thigh boot. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème naruto, anime, personnages naruto. Pasados tres años después de la primera parte de la saga, Shikamaru aparece junto a Temari, la ninja de Suna, porque se encuentran trabajando en los exámenes chuunin, sin embargo Naruto confunde las cosas, pensando que se encontraban en una cita amorosa. You can watch the series on DV. Shikamaru temari

At first I figured Shikamaru would win hands down since he won their fight in the chunin exams, but then I started thinking about it. Mainly just Shikamaru being that guy that wasn't really motivated to do much of anything while Temari is kinda all about being motivated to do something (Or at least that's how I perceive her spunky attitude. ) è un personaggio della serie anime e manga Naruto, scritto e disegnato dal mangaka Masashi Kishimoto. Because Temari is a sibling of the Kazekage and Shikamaru is an influential figure in Konoha, their marriage is a delicate political matter that will. Both teams determined to win. Shikatema, shikamaru, temari. I really doubt Kishimoto was subtlely implying that Shikamaru purposely lost. 112 Comments. Sasuke Retrieval Arc Gaara and Neji Speed equalized. See more ideas about shikamaru, shikatema, naruto. Temari, Gaara ile anlaşırken Kankuroo’ya göre duygularını daha çok gösterir ve bir şekilde ondan daha az korkar. Haku. 236 17:52, 28 October (UTC) Episode 7 of Shippuden when Shikamaru escorts Temari out of Konoha. Temari! Report. Explore Horo's board Shikamaru&Temari on Pinterest. Shikamaru Temari - Shadow kiss. Shikamaru temari

Temari beginnt den Kampf, indem sie auf den am Boden liegenden Shikamaru zurennt, in die Luft springt und mit ihrem Fächer auf ihn schlägt. Shikamaru only really won because the field of battle had certain features t. No membership requests required. Shikamaru kann dem Angriff ausweichen, indem er zwei Kunai an die Arenawand wirft, diese bleiben dort stecken und er kann in letzter Sekunde verschwinden und sich auf die beiden Kunais. 118. · The Shikamaru x Temari Fan Club Now with 100% more canon confirmation! Red Threads (Shikamaru/Temari), soulmates can find each other by red threads only they could see. Categories: Art Animation. Temari is essentially royalty in Suna. 118. This scene is interestingly changed from the anime and the manga because Shikaku is the one who originally lectures Shikamaru and not Temari. Source(s): 0 0. La muerte de Asuma y venganza Share the best GIFs now >>>. Win by Death/K. Meanwhile, his wife, Temari, can't stand his laziness at home, and what angers her more is that he's always on the ball at work -- obsessed with getting things right for Naruto. Temari apparaissant en face de Shikamaru dans l'écran titre de Shikamaru Shippûden. 74 Followers, 229 Following, 16 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Queen Shikamaru Nara; 奈良シカマル. Shikamaru temari

. See more ideas about shikamaru, shikamaru and temari, shikatema. Shikamaru temari episode Shikamaru Nara Naruto Wiki FANDOM powered by Wiki. TikTok-ൽ temari×shikamaru എന്നതിനെക്കുറിച്ചുള്ള. · Shikamaru and Temari. 69. Shikamaru temari

Shikamaru and Temari: 5 Reasons They Fell in Love

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